Dreams are the ultimate expression of the nature of a man. That's Bepi Dalla Pietà spoke of the sea, of discoveries, of boats. The first creation, in 1949, was created with the intent to convey a concept which over the years will be confirmed as a starting point and destination of each project: the seaworthiness, that is a profound way of going to sea. The first successes soon followed and with them following the opening in 1959 of the first Cantieri on Giudecca Island in Venice.

60 years''

Anni 60 Tirreno Lr

In recent years the Giudecca begins the real production with a line of boats that sees the first applications of marine plywood combined with structure in mahogany. Born here the famous outboard "Rio", "Laguna", "Ionian" and STERNDRIVE "Adriatic", "Tirreno", "Pacific": boats from 4 to 7 meters that outline a new way and a new style of "go by sea ". Always constantly looking for new solutions, Dalla Pietà is among the first to experience the hull Hunt and applies it, modifying it, the successful series of sports boats that mietozno countless laurels in the categories tourism, racing and rally. The brand Dalla Pietà is increasingly associated with innovative ideas and solutions, the same ones that allow you to write some of the most important pages in the history of international speedboat races. In 1967, by a sudden inspiration, he sees the light hull from the line completely revolutionary: the MANTA. An innovative boat "across the hull," car racing. In the 70s, for logistical reasons, space and the increasing demand for vessels leading to the transfer of Shipyards in Marghera, where it can enlarge its hulls, and its considerable experience in the competitive sector is launching a complete range up to 14 meters with multifaceted hull to "V" deep. Subsequently, careful studies and the adoption of new techniques, always the result of particularly strict testing and exasperated, provide a vessel with unique features and the almost absolute perfection.


The taking over of the sons Gianni and Giorgio, a few years later, gives an additional momentum the company. The size increase further and with them the commitment to excellence. The need for a new restructuring stimulates family Dalla Pietà to build a large complex in an area of ​​wasteland Fusina-Malcontenta: 30,000 square meters intended for manufacturing, service and storage indoors and outdoors. A clear break, then, in the production of the classic wooden boat to the most advanced fiberglass, while maintaining the "philosophy" of wooden construction; new infrastructure and brand new facilities at the service of boating. In this context of renewal, it saw the realization of the established models DP 6 fiberglass, also in outboard, and series production of models 28 'and 37' of the line Altair, 43 'and 55 line Al Na' Ir and 52 'of the line Asterion.


The area of ​​shipbuilding Fusina-Malcontenta has a quality organizational and production only. Here designers workers collaborate to design, build and decorate their boats destined for the domestic and international market.


In 2002 a decisive change helped to merge the experience, technical skills and love for the sea of ​​Giorgio Dalla Pietà, the founder's son Joseph, with the organization and the corporate culture of a famous Venetian family, the Mevorach. The ability to understand and anticipate market trends, as well as the know-how gained in various business led Dalla Pieta Yachts to reach important goals. The new company, led by Michele Cazzanti, President, and Giorgio Dalla Pietà, CEO, has become a landmark of Italian shipbuilding luxury. The results are obvious. While maintaining the traditional craftsmanship as footprint style and reliability guarantee the Shipyards have expanded its structure, defining new workflows and working towards new sfide.Aumentando demand the Shipyard is obliged to entrust the construction of vessels up to 80 Ft.

2009 to Today

After the dizzying climb with almost 700% increase over the last seven years, from 2002 to 2009, coming up with the European economic crisis and even more pronounced for boating, the yard, having niche clientele, suffers moltissimo.Viene put liquidation and after about one year is bought by a major multinational firm and whose program includes the consolidation of the brand and the product completely "Made in Italy"

The intention of the group are to maintain the previous brand, respect and reflect the most of "made in Italy" that had given so much prestige that both previously and would like to keep for years to come. Little interference in the running, no foreign labor, nothing made outside of Italy, or rather by the shipyard town of Myrtle.


Dalla Pietà always designs and builds pleasure craft with excellence quality and exclusivity. Yachts with pity, in fact, are designed to refocus priorities on life on board, the spaciousness and comfort of any room. Quality materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship are complemented by cutting-edge technology solutions and infrastructure to offer each owner the boat of his dreams. The motor yacht Dalla Pietà have deep V hulls that ensure navigability under all weather conditions-marina. Inside the hull, the choice of marine plywood instead of completely counter is another element of quality for our owners and craftsmanship guarantee our luxury yachts. Craftsmanship that allows us to characterize and make every single boat through our highly customized interiors. This is our challenge for the future: to offer yachts for the elite, unique, marine, built and furnished in every particular according to the personal tastes of those then they will live. Dalla Pietà Yachts in recent years has managed to combine its traditional soul, attentive to the pure pleasure of life on board, with an innovative approach, focused in finding the best performance. The result are perfect marine specimens, in which every choice combines functionality and aesthetics to a remarkable craftsmanship. This latter feature has allowed us to have more freedom in designing total environments, the choice of the finest materials and finishes. It requires, more than anything else, the maximum personalization by Owners. This is our challenge for the future: offering unique craft, built and fitted in every detail according to personal tastes who then shall live.

Business objectives

Dalla Pietà want to propose as a nautical tailoring, for us the quality corresponds to an almost obsessive attention to detail. Our goal is to become a market leader as well as the construction site of reference for customers who are looking for a boat exclusive, style simple and elegant and a unique product for invoice, personalization and quality of materials used. Our Yard aims to grow and consolidate to become leader of this niche market that will appeal to customers who want to experience the sea in a different way. For this we will continue to offer targeted campaigns, in Italy and abroad, to increase brand awareness Dalla Pietà, and to ensure an appropriate service to meet this target. Development policy for the coming years is to respect the idea of ​​craftsmanship. Our goal, completed the series of open with 80 feet, it's time to think about expanding the range fly.